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about1TONErite is run by a team of fitness passionate people who aspire to deliver fitness and promote healthy living to every like-minded enthusiast through personal training.

We believe in sharing our specialty in personal training in a simple, fun and right form that will enhance your health. Results are a given.

So whoever you are… Whether you are an individual seeking fitness & a toned body; An organization planning to inject fitness program as part of employees’ benefits; Or a group of sport enthusiasts looking at improving performance...

We will achieve your fitness objectives together with you!!


The Brand & The Team

Our brand represents our team who are highly dedicated and passionate people focus and result-oriented.
•   We are understanding and respectful towards our clients needs.
•   We are fun loving and this resonates in our lively training sessions.
•   We believe in being healthy happy!

These are closely knitted with our core values.

Our Core Values

•    Being a fitness advocate
•    Training in the right form
•    Attain results and health


The Logo

TONEriteLogoAboutThe brand logo is made up of the initials “t” & “r” together with the 3 coloured elements representing the core values of TONErite merging into circle to form an unity.

Typeface of the word “TONE” (in bold) blending with the word “rite”, thus showing the balance in forms and fluidity in fitness from this logo.

Within the circle, the BLUE color signifies fitness as a foundation for your lifestyle, the ORANGE represents the positive burn or outcome from training in the right form and the GREEN highlights the healthy element generated as a result.

Our team left our corporate jobs to pursuit our passion in bringing fitness to everyone who is keen and promote a healthy living amongst. We are qualified trainers who want people to attain fitness through the right forms safely & be sustainable. We never regretted our option and TONErite is the concoction of our love, passion and pride for what we believe in…FITNESS FORM HEALTH!


The Tagline

Our tagline “FITNESS FORM HEALTH” encapsulates our mission and vision to promote health through fitness training in the right form; Or simply as the statement suggests, fitness is the foundation to form our healthy lifestyles.


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