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George Lee

trainer george

With over 20 years of military training, George excels in overcoming various obstacles using mental and physical strength. He has been actively participating in Triathlons, Marathons, Biathlons over the past 13 years, and is still actively doing them. With enormous mental strength, he won the 2008 Subaru Challenge, winning himself a brand-new 2.5 Subaru WRX, and setting a winning record time of 81hrs 32mins, which stood for 6 long years.

George is both a certified NLP Trainer, and a Hypnotherapy Trainer. He specialises in training the mind, and working it to synergise with the body in order to achieve all goals in life, such as financial goals, fitness goals, relationship goals, just to name a few.

"The mind is the most amazing organ that we have! Once unleashed, we will be surprised ourselves how much wonderful results we can personally achieve!" ~ George Lee

Teresa Tan

trainer teresaBorn a free spirited rebel. Been practising yoga since 2005. Hunger to know more, I enrolled for YTT and the journey was very inspiring. Completed my 200 hr Teacher training and would like to be able to share my passion and excitement with others.

Thankful to my teacher Ms Jasmine Teo who shared her wisdom, patient and knowledge through my journey.

Believes in deeper benefits of a consistent yoga practise. My inspiration is encouraging others to improve their wellness, commit to long term health and fitness goals.


trainer bruceBruce is a certified personal trainer under the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He also happens to be the Singapore National Record holder in a strength training discipline, “powerlifting”, in the category “bench press”. He is aiming to challenge the world record in Tokyo in May, 2019.

Bruce has worked with clients who wish to tone up their bodies, or aim for weight loss, muscle gains, strength gains, and many other types of goals. The most common feedback given by clients revolves around the themes of: his humility, patience, and care for them. Clients find that he is exceptionally detailed in his guidance throughout each entire training session.

Bruce is a great listener. To him, personal fitness training should not be just simply about a one-directional instructional flow. He likes to listen to the clients speak about their specific problems (e.g. postural, injuries, goals and aspirations), their feedback about his style of guidance, and their expectations. Thereafter, he reacts and works on addressing the issues.

Bruce feels that his clients should have a sense of empowerment and sense of ownership over the entire personal training journey; by showing that he listens to his clients, it shows them that their views do matter, and that their views help to steer them towards their own fitness goals.

In line with Tonerite’s ideology that personal training should be made convenient for people who are seeking personal training: Bruce exemplifies this great selling point of Tonerite. He travels to different locations to train clients, be it at their backyards, or at their condo gyms, or fitness corners, or any other location which is the most convenient for a client. He strongly believes that convenience is key for his clients, so that they can fully focus on the workout itself, and reap the benefits fully from the personal training. Bruce takes pride in his ability to provide top-notch training services; therefore, he feels that he should take the extra effort to travel to locations which are the most convenient for his clients. He reasons that, clients should be able to exercise anytime and anywhere that they wish to.

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