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How to reduce muscle mass loss?

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Beginning around age 30, we begin to lose muscle and gain body fat every year. Specifically, age-related muscle loss occurs at an average rate of three to five percent per decade between the ages of 30 and 60 and accelerates significantly after age 60 (1). This is a serious concern since abnormally low muscle mass, know as sarcopenia, is linked to loss of strength and mobility, culminating in unhealthy aging and frailty.

Resistance Training for Youth

blog boyMany people are surprised to hear that resistance training can be safe and effective for youth participants due to pre-dated misconceptions. Children or pre-adolescents (approximately up to age 11 among girls and 13 among boys) and adolescents (approximately ages 12-18 among girls and 14-18 among boys) can all adapt positively from strength training.

Enjoying the results

quote“Lawrence is an excellent trainer for me and Yohann. During the single sessions he selects the parts of the body that mostly need to be shaped. During couple sessions, he expertly select exercises to make greatly work both our bodies, considering our limits and weaknesses...
Yohann & Elisa

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