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head howitworksConvenience is at the top of our mind. We don’t need fancy or fully equipped gyms and we don’t need big private spaces. We just need you to take the first step to commit yourself to a fit and healthy lifestyle and we will go to wherever you are to do your personal training. So call us now to book an appointment and you are on your way to a successful fit and tone body...

Selling Point

TONErite gives personal training to anyone who is keen & determined to acquire the essential asset of being fit and healthy, at a place of your convenience. Be it a condo gym, a workplace facility, a residential void deck or simply an open space or park, we can start working out.

We use our signature training method to tailor our programs to your fitness objectives and track your progress. Result is a given with TONErite.

Along with your personal training sessions, we also share our experiences on achieving a balanced & healthy lifestyle from all our successful clienteles & testimonies.

Fitness training becomes a way of life for many of our clients who have started their fitness journey with us…



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Mobile Personal Training

We understand personal training needs & provide tailored made personal training program for individuals or groups (not more than 3) at wherever you are. Also, we are excited about our future generations and we provide specialty training for our youth (age 12-19) to build a toned & healthy foundation; and/or any sports performance training.


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Corporate Team Building

We appreciate corporate initiatives & provide corporate team building event to facilitate different management practices or messages. We also work with companies to supply tailored programs as part of their employees’ benefits aligned with the work-life balance initiatives.


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Specialty Training – Kickboxing

Active Red is proud to be part of the WAKO family and is also the sole WAKO representative in Singapore, bringing this dynamic sport to our sunny island.

As the appointed certification partner, Active Red has trained many qualified instructors & continues to spread the love for this fitness sport to enthusiasts in group training or personal training format.

Kickboxing has continued to grow into a popular fitness choice for many. Kickboxing dynamic nature gives fulfilling workout to the whole body to elevate fitness and overall tone up. It's competitive, effective and discipline form has captivated many fitness lovers.

Active Red & TONErite brings to you a strategic partnership that will populate fitness & health benefits to more people. Bringing confidence to the renewed ’NEW YOU."

TONErite Price List 2018

Product/Package Code Package
(per hr session)
(per hr session)
Unit Price
(per hr session)
Amount Remarks
Individual - Personal Training 
IPT1 10   $‎ 100.00  $‎ 1,000.00   
IPT2 20 2* $‎ 100.00  $‎ 2,000.00  *FOC session can be either be NLP or Yoga
IPT3 30 4* $‎ 100.00  $‎ 3,000.00  *FOC session can be either be NLP or Yoga
Individual - Yoga 
IY1 10   $ 70.00 $ 700.00  
Individual - NLP 
INLP1 6 1 $ 90.00 $ 540.00 *FOC 1st session
Couple - Personal Training 
CPT1 10   $‎ 120.00 $‎ 1,200.00  
CPT2 20 2* $‎ 120.00 $‎ 2,400.00 *FOC session can be either be NLP or Yoga
CPT3 30 4* $‎ 120.00 $‎ 3,600.00 *FOC session can be either be NLP or Yoga
Couple - Yoga 
CY1 10   $ 100.00 $ 1,000.00  
Couple - NLP 
CNLP1 6 1 $ 150.00 $ 900.00 *FOC 1st session
COR * Quotation based on brief and program requirements, submit contact form with requirements. $150-$300/pax
Ad hoc 
AH * Quatation based on venue and program requirements, submit contact form with requirements. $150-$300/hr
Promotion Package for new sign ups    
TY1 Yoga with TONErite Yoga Individual 5 sessions for $349
TGPT3 Group Training with TONErite  (3pax) Personal Training Group 5 sessions for $699
TLSP1 LITE Start Program Personal Training Individual 5 sessions for $449

Personal Training Session Terms & Conditions
All payments are to be made in advance of any training undertaken.

Less than 20 sessions package has a validity of 3 months from the date of commencement of the 1st session.
20 sessions or more package has a validity of 6 months from the date of commencement of the 1st session

Session cancellations and rescheduling
If you wish to cancel or reschedule your personal training session, you must notify one day in advance. If you fail to do so you will be charged the full fee and your session will be forfeited. Alterations to this policy will be made at the sole discretion of your trainer.

Please arrive on time for your personal training sessions. Training sessions will finish at the allocated time even if you arrive late. If you are more than 15 minutes late to a personal training session, your session may be cancelled and you may be charged the full fee.

I encourage you to arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of your training session so that you may warm up. This way you will be ready to begin training immediately.

Refunds and credits
No refunds or credit will be made on sessions paid.

Training inclusions
Personal training sessions are 60 minutes, unless otherwise arranged, and are available on an appointment basis only.

Please ensure that you have checked with your medical practitioner on any medical condition you may have and have been certified fit to commence training.



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