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quotetestimonial YohannElisa“Lawrence is an excellent trainer for me and Yohann. During  the single sessions  he selects the parts of the body  that mostly  need to be shaped. During couple sessions, he expertly select  exercises to make greatly work both our bodies, considering  our limits and weaknesses. He is always punctual and flexible on staying a bit longer when we are unfortunately slightly late. He is always properly dressed and clean. Very patient, polite, smiley and with positive attitude. Able to highly encourage us in order to maximise the efforts. We do also appreciate the great attention to continuously correct our wrong postures  and to give us explanation on the exercises, sometimes with funny examples. We already recommend him to our friends.” Yohann & Elisa



quote“I started training with Lawrence Phua in April/May 2015. Due to medical conditions, I was not able to train properly for the previous 9 years. My physical condition was very bad and I had lost a lot of weight. I also had a recurrent slip disk and had to be very careful with my back. Training with Lawrence was very tough in the beginning but I appreciated that all for the exercises he was very careful about my back condition. I used to train almost every day before I met Lawrence, but I had no force in my muscles and was all the time having pain in the back. After 1.5 months of training twice a week, I not only gained some weight, muscular mass and forms, but I also was able to lift heavy things without too much efforts and again with no back pain. I highly recommend Lawrence as a personal trainer, his methods are tough, but very precise and effective, and give a lot of results very fast." Sunil Hathiramani


quotetestimonial Teresa“Lawrence is a professional and dedicated trainer with I met so far. He try his best to accommodate his time and is always passionate about his training. His innovative ways never bored me. Attended 26 lessons with him, I had learnt so much from him and corrected on my postures. I become stronger in my core and helps my running. Recently I did my Gold Coast half marathon in 2 hours 07mins which is my best timing from many of the runs I participated. Thanks Lawrence and I'm proud to be trained by you.” Teresa Lau




quote“Lawrence has been my PT for 3 months. It was the first time I have had a personal trainer and it's been a very positive experience for three reasons: 1) motivation. He's a great motivator and takes the thinking out of working out. I just do what he says and he keeps me going. He has a relaxed and focused attitude that is combined with a determination to perfect my form and make me work harder on my cardio. The hour fly by! 2) Expertise. The workouts he plans focus on specific muscle groups that are linked to my exercise goals. The range of exercises mean it never gets boring. I've learned a lot about exercises and working out. I am certainly not making the same mistakes as I used to when i worked out on my own. 3) Results. After a month I saw improvements, felt stronger, leaner and fitter. My form is greatly improved and I am lifting heavier weights and toning key muscle areas. I'd thoroughly recommend Lawrence if you want long term and long lasting fitness results!” Joseph Loader


quotetestimonial Courtney“Lawrence really listens, educates and motivates me during sessions. He has devised a session structure based on my personal goals, and continues to tailor each session to complement how I am feeling on the day. Lawrence has a strong focus on technique and core strength, which means I get the most out of my sessions (both education and fitness-wise) and can visibly track my progress. He records my measurements on an ongoing basis, and offers health / diet tips that help me stay on track and manage a busy schedule. Always sunny and with a positive outlook, sessions are enjoyable so any bad moods / stress disappear very quickly! I started personal training to kick-start my return to fitness, and planned just a month or two. Six months later I am still working with Lawrence, with no plans to stop any time soon!” Courtney Stables



quote short1"Lawrence is a dedicated, understanding and cheerful personal trainer. He designs a program that accommodatesyour fitness level, yet makes sureyou sweat that doughnut you couldn't resist the other day. I enjoyed the sense of achievement I felt after every session and enjoyed the results even more!” Farah




quotetestimonial christel“After a terrible misfortune in 2015, my husband passed away after a very long disease, I came back in Singapore for an holiday. I decided, at my age 60, it was time to take care of me, and have private lessons with Lawrence from TONErite. I met him in my condo when he trained my French neighbor. It was a very good choice! Only after, nine sessions, I feel more strong and dynamic with no injury at all!!! I can swim in the pool without effort!!! My posture improved! Lawrence is very competent, patient and attentive. He corrects my posture all the time when I do my exercises. The courses are not boring because it's always different!  I was in good hands! I really enjoyed! I feel so well now! Unfortunately, I have to return in France, but I plan already to come back in Singapore before the end of the year. No doubt, I will contact Lawrence again! Thank you Lawrence!” Christel



quotetestimonial Pavan“I have trained with Lawrence for the last 6 months now. This was the first time I have ever gone to a gym this regularly till date. Its Lawrence I have to thank for helping me achieve my goals. He started by understanding the areas i wanted improvement in and the issues i had. I told him about the physiotherapy i needed for my neck and that i usually strain my neck when i do weights. He was always sure to help me focus on my posture and his techniques ensured that i never had neck issue because of training. He made training fun for a lazy person like me. When i start training again i will certainly look for his availability. Fun guy who keeps motivating you to go the distance. I clearly see the difference in my fitness levels and attribute all that success to him. If you are wondering if you should go with Lawrence as a trainer i can assure you he is amazing. A friend recommended him to me and i have recommended him to atleast 5 others. Everyone i know working him, had nothing but good stuff to say.” Pavan Varma



quotetestimonial Anni“I started training with Lawrence in the middle of 2015. As our training sessions progressed, I noticed a distinct increase in muscle tone and overall fitness. I did not lose my breath when climbing stairs and was able to do longer, harder sessions with him. Truly amazing was when I got pregnant and was afraid I would have to stop training. Lawrence assured me that I would not need to stop training and that he would customize my session to be safe and focusing on strengthening areas such as my back where a lot of pain builds up during pregnancy. Not only did I train with him the whole 9 months but colleagues and friends were amazed at how well I was able to maintain my figure through the whole time. As we got closer to the delivery date, Lawrence reduced the intensity and focused on parts such as arms and back to remove the pressure off back and abs. Booking session can’t be easier. We agree to a date and time a week before the actual session. If I need to change it, I let Lawrence know via Whatsapp more than 24 hours in advance of the session and he is able to find me an alternate date and time without any penalty. He has rarely been more than 5 mins late to the start of the session and is extremely professional and ready to train me when he arrives. We have used a variety of equipment from kettle bells, medicine balls to regular dumb bells and machines to get a variety of exercises in and keep boredom / repetition at bay. I will definitely be renewing my package with him – for the third time now – a few weeks after my delivery.” Anni Tankhiwale



quotetestimonial Matthias“I have been training with Lawrence for 11 months. The beginning was difficult for me as I suffered from a severe hamstring injury which Lawrence handled perfectly. By choosing the right exercises and slowly increasing the intensity over time not only my overall fitness increased but also the core got stronger - which helps again to deal with the former injury. The training sessions are very motivating and Lawrence keeps it interesting - it never gets bored with all the different exercises! As a result of the overall improvement of my fitness level I am now more active besides the training sessions, too. I have started to run (up to 10KM races) and am engaged in obstacle runs, i.e. Spartan races. The combination of all - personal training, running and an adjusted diet whereby Lawrence guided, too - led to a weight loss of 15kgs! Thanks to Lawrence my goals for next year is to complete a half marathon in around 2 hours and in 1 - 2 years I would like to complete a marathon - I would have never even dreamed of this before I started training with him!” Matthias Flecken



quotetestimonial James““No pain, No gain“, goes the adage. I gained strength, fitness, stamina. Lawrence works me so hard, I call him "Nausea Phua". The sight of him reminds me of the training sessions that I had taken with him from Aug to Oct. At the end of each session, I feel like vomiting. Nausea, I mean, Lawrence’s training sessions are intense, yet motivating and fun. He takes note of my strengths and weakness to ensure that I can cope yet get the most from each session.. Though I feel like I’m dead each session, I’m getting stronger. I know, because in my most recent session with him, I was doing 3x of what I was doing in my first session – Reps, Sets, Frequencies and Difficulty. Which is good, I had never pushed myself to such limits on my own and I am feeling more energised. I sleep better and wake up feeling motivated, wanting to do more, achieve more in the day. This has a positive impact at work, such as focusing better during meetings, and sharper in my dealings. My family and close friends have also voiced noticeable differences in physique, and they are also  commenting on the "glow"  on my face. Also with my other sports, I am hitting farther in golf; covering more grounds and hitting harder in tennis. My running has also improved tremendously in timing and distance. I guess “No pain, no gain” is true. Thanks Nausea Phua! ” James Pang



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